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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary to Us

Yesterday was our fourth wedding anniversary and we both commented on how time has flown by. We got married on a chilly night on October 11, 2009 at The Lodge (an old Masonic Hall) with 55 of our closest friends and family. We had a 'creepy cocktail' with hor d'oeuvres, cocktails and a very short and sweet ceremony. It was a wonderful evening indeed and we did it our way.

-My dress, Bettie Page Clothing ($99!)
-hat, Hey Sailor!
-Derek wore a western style suit with his Fluevog boots

Cupcake stand and cupcakes made by our talented friend Leslie.

A lot of our wedding was DIY, I didn't have fresh flowers or lots of decor as the Washington Room at The Lodge was quite regal with its marble pillars, high ceilings and amazing dark woodwork. One thing I do regret is not hiring a professional photographer (we were on a tight budget) to capture the day, but I have a lot of great candid shots that I hold dear to me. 

Ahhh memories! Thank you for letting me share a few tidbits about our special day. Back to anniversary talk, we celebrated with going to Tandoori's a favorite Indian restaurant of ours, it was delicious and full of great conversation. 

Derek got me a Martha Rotten piece that he picked out and I got him an Alchemy Gothic bat necklace. Yes, the necklace is a chicken foot cast out of pewter with the amazing cast bone closure. In Voodoo, a chicken foot is used for protection and believe to be powerful against evil-doer and are believe to work by magically "scratching" one's enemy. I'm not a practitioner of Voodoo, but I am an avid learner of spiritualism in all its forms.

This piece is AMAZING, I am so happy to now own a Martha Rotten piece from my husband who's so thoughtful and knows how to adorn his lady in chicken feets. Haha! 

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Aww, you got married on my birthday! Happy anniversary! I am very jealous of that necklace.

  2. Happy Anniversary, my sweet, darling Spooky friend! Here's to many more happy years.

  3. Aww! Your wedding day pictures are so wonderful! I love the one on the stairs. <3 Also, how much do I love that you say chicken "feets"? So much, hehe! ;) Happy Anniversary you two!

  4. It is awesome that you did it your way, some people just do what families want and it seems kinda sad to me. My family lost that say when they decided they didn't like goth stuff. That $99 dress is nicer than all those white strapless wedding dresses.

    That is an awesome necklace! I don't practice voodoo but i am very interested in it, especially after reading The Serpent and the Rainbow, and maybe something like that would give me some luck/protection!

  5. Congratulations!!!! You are such a cute n' creepy couple!! Thanks for sharing both the memories and the pics, this post made a great end to my day. :-)

    And your outfits were totally awesome, BTW...

  6. Your arms were so naked!

    I love the chicken toes! I collect bird feet (it's one of my more macabre hobbies), but I can't say that I have any that are metal...

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary :)!
    I think you did a wonderful job with your wedding despite the low budget. Your dress is definitely more unique than all those super expensive classic white wedding dresses, and I would love to go to a ceremony where the cake is cupcakes <3

  8. Happy Anniversary, you guys! October's the best month to get married in, IMHO. We just celebrated our 32nd, but he didn't think to get me a Chicken Foot Necklace! Maybe that's only appropriate for 4th anniversaries; I don't know. ;o)

  9. Happy Anniversary! Hope you've had a wonderful day x

  10. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  11. oh, you both look so happy!! Congratulations!!! And nice chicken feet :)

  12. Happy anniversary, you gorgeous people!!! ♥

  13. Happy Anniversary, you guys are awesome! Many more aeons to come! ♥♥♥

  14. I love what you both wore for the wedding! Happy late anniversary!

  15. Sorry if my comment posts twice, my computer is not cooperating! I love what you both wore for the wedding and happy late anniversary!


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