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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Fashions 2013

Coffin Kitsch : Halloween Fashion 2013

I do a lot of 'window shopping' online from fast fashion U.S stores like Forever 21 to U.K based shops like Top Shop and Halloween is definitely trending this season. I have to admit a lot of these items I picked are quite cute, but some of the prices I'm seeing for other items made me look twice. What the?

Have you spotted any Halloween fashions you adore?

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Hah, these are great!! I particularly love the Bat Mini dress and the all the "x-ray" clothes. I haven't seen anything else in particular that strikes me (so far), but I don't do a lot of window shopping, either online or in the stores.

  2. Sooo cute! I usually don't wear that much 'modern' looking stuff that doesn't have my typical Victorian inspired vibe, but I was tempted by that spooky sweater with the striped sleeves. If only it wasn't $70 AUD thanks to exchange rate!

  3. I'm liking the g-g-g-ghost sweater up there!

  4. Everything you picked out is insanely cute...
    I adore that spooky cardigan, but gah, that price I just cannot justify :(

  5. The long skeleton dress is so gorgeous! It' a shame it's only available in the States, the UK urbanoutfitters or the German site don't list it :( Also the little Asos bat wing purse is to die for!

  6. I bought some Halloween socks in Primark (pumpkin print, skull print and bones, just like those in the foot), they're uber-cute!


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