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Friday, September 6, 2013

Nobody Puts Meagan in the Corner

Okay, I put myself in the little corner area of the bedroom to take my outfit photos. This little area is slowly getting filled with decor, which I'm sure will have more Cure items along with other nonsense. I'll never grow out of having my Cure posters on the wall, I even I have two vintage Robert Smith posters (Christmas gifts from my dear Derek) that are waiting to be framed. I also have some cute little drawings that Derek drew to be framed and hung, so I'm excited to see how my little back drop evolves. Hehe!

As I was going through my files I came across some things from long ago including; my old drivers license from when I turned 21, my senior year high school i.d, and some various writings that have long since been forgotten. It's amazing how much I have changed and yet still have stayed the same, in fact a few things that I wrote from 10+ years ago still resonates today, and I now understand those thoughts and feeling so much more clearly. I think it put an extra little pep in my step today and a big smile on my face. 

Of course Coffin Kitsch is mostly a fashion blog with my little quips and ramblings about this and that, but I will leave you with one of the last things I wrote in a notebook all those years ago.

"Love is the instinct to unite, and the act of uniting" 

I think that's really beautiful.

What I wore:
-sheer button-up top, Forever 21
-black and white slit skirt, Hot Topic
-stitch leggings, Lip Service
-boots, Doc Martens (ebay)
-multi-cross necklace, Forever 21

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. This is a great outfit! I love your leggings so much. I'm looking forward to seeing how you decorate the place too (off to such a fantastic start)!

    I'd love to see the old ID pictures too. If you post yours, I'll dig out the really embarrassing college ID picture where I look stoned and show you all my ghost-face passport picture =P

    I agree with you, your words are very beautiful and so true =]

  2. I love the outfit, and the posters on your wall. I never really got to do the whole Goth bedroom thing, maybe I should try and find some posters and do it. Although what I really long for is a room with flocked velvet wallpaper and a huge canopied bed. I have wanted a four poster bed since I was a kid.

    I love those tights with the stitches all over them.


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