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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Perfect Ending to a Long Week

Derek, me and his creepy hand. Hehe!

Ok, it's not the end of the week yet, but for me it's over, phew! Derek and I joined our friend's for Buffalo's longest running ebm/goth night, Radiation. I was looking forward to seeing everyone and enjoying a few cocktails to wind down and chit chat about what everyone has been doing. 

This skirt is so much fun to dance in!

Since all my shoes and jewelry are over at the new place, I was running back and forth trying to figure out what to wear. I settled on this skirt that was given to me by my friend Melanie, a top from Charlotte Russe (it's so old!) paired with some belts and my pointy witchy boots that I resurrected. How were they resurrected? Well, the boot leather was so creased in the toes that they were uncomfortable to wear, so I literally ironed the creases out! I have to admit I Goggled the 'how-to' and I can't give you the exact link to the directions, but it involved a damp cloth, a clothing iron and being very careful. 

When in doubt, I accessorize....a lot.

Cheers! The beautiful Miss Melanie and I. 

Do you have tips on how you take care of your old leather boots?

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. You always look amazing, Meagan!

    So you can iron boots? Interesting! I wonder if I iron the slightly stretched toes of my old boots if they will spring back to shape, but I don't think they are even leather, probably melt them!

    I like the blonde highlights in your mohawk, somehow it makes it look even taller!

  2. You look fantastic! I especially love the abundance of accessories!! :D

    Good tip on the iron and damp cloth on the boots, though. I have a very old pair of Peter Fox witchy boots I'd like to resurrect, except now they look more like fairy boots the toes have curled up so much! I'll be sure to try that tip when I'm not rushing though. Could end badly ... ;o)

  3. That outfit looks AWESOME on you!! And I agree with The Insomniac, when it comes to certain outfits and accessories, WEAR ALL THE THINGS!!! :-)

    I have no tips to offer on old leather boots, because I don't have any old enough to worry about except my Anarchy boots, and NO way those toes will ever curl!!

  4. I love the first photo: you're looking at the camera, and Derek's looking at you <3

    Very nice outfit, too, and I can't get over the coolness of your hair!

  5. I love love love that top - drooool!!! And I love all the blonde in your hair now, it really suits you ;)

  6. That tip is so good! I'll remember it for when I get some pointy boots of my own. And gosh! You look like you were taken straight out of the eighties! :3

  7. Wow! You looked amazing! Your outfit was so classic goth. And your mohawk looked STUNNING that night :)

  8. Love love love your outfit <3 The skirt, the shoes and everything. Perfect one!

  9. O.M.G. I think I stared at these pics of you longer than was appropriate. ;D You look amazing!! Every detail is perfect.


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