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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Questions!? I've Got Some Answers...I Think

I often get questions/comments from not only my readers, but from strangers on the street or even my dear friends, so you asked, I'm answering.

How old are you? I'm 32 and I will be turning 33 this year. Sagittarius!

What type of goth are you? I am Meagan Goth of Buffalonian Land! 

How many tattoos do you have? Honestly, I have no idea. I never sat down and counted, but I was asked how many coffins I have on me and the answer is five...I think.

Your husband is a tattoo artist, that must be so awesome getting free tattoos! Derek is a tattoo artist, which is way rad, but the "getting free tattoos" is not how I view his career. He takes the time out of his busy schedule to tattoo me and I'm always grateful and he's always happy to tattoo me. <Insert big smile> Just like if your partner was a baker, mechanic, etc., you'd probably have some benefits of their craft and skill. Derek gets a wife who's not only a bad comedian, she's also excellent at an assortment of things, like breaking all the glasses in the household. Oops!

How do you decide on a tattoo? Usually Derek and I are joking around about something and it turns into an idea or I'm taking a shower and an idea pops into my head.

Do your tattoos mean anything? Nope, not really. I do have a 'Mom' and 'Dad' tattoos dedicated to my Mom and Dad, they are on my inner forearms. I have my Robert Smith and Siouxsie Sioux portraits on my thighs as I'm an insane fan. I just really like my tattoos, they make me smile. 

How do you draw on your eyebrows? My natural eyebrows are still there, I don't shave them completely off, but the 'tails' on my brows are tweezed/shaved off. I'm a natural blonde and have light brows, so I use an angled brush with water-proof gel liner to darken my natural brow and draw in the angled tails. I then use the same angled brush with a soft black eye shadow to blend and soften the look of my brows, plus it fills in any spots. 

Where do you shop? I joke with Derek and say, If I can't find it at; Target, a thrift shop, at work or H&M, I'm never going to find it. I do like to shop online; etsy, ebay and Sourpuss Clothing.

What hair products do you use? I use a variety of products depending on what style I'm trying to achieve, but people mostly ask about my mohawk and what I use to get it to stay up. I use thickening mouse by Bumble and Bumble on my wet hair, d: fi D-sculpt fiber  on dry hair along with texturizing powder (thank the Gods for this) and hair spray. 

That's all I got for now, just a little insight into me!

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I'm convinced the Target and H&M stores in the States must be very different from ours. I NEVER find anything as cool as what you find in either of them.

    Or maybe I just give up too easily. Sometimes I get overwhelmed in those big stores. Give me a crowded thrift store any day. ;o)

    1. I prefer to thrift, but I gotta buy my socks and undies somewhere! Hahahaha!

      I don't always find a ton at Target, but I like the clearance rack!

  2. LOVED this! And agree on the "free tattoos" gig, as I too am married to someone who does a form of art (photography and yoga) and people always think I get some sort of cool hookup (or that they can because they know him). Hey, no one wants my free webinar capabilities?

    But always fun to know a bit more about one of my favorite bloggers!

    1. Favorite blogger! Awww, I really am flattered! ;)
      Yeah, the whole "Can I get a discount because I know YOU" really peeves me off. Sorry Charlie, we have to eat too!

      Your free webinar brings all the bloggers to the yard!

  3. I have another question: Why are you so awesome!??!

    1. Oh shucks *blush* I think you're awesome Miss Natalie!

  4. It's always nice to know a little bit about you! I am glad to know there are other clumsy people who constantly break things. I broke a mug by putting it on the sink while I was standing about a foot away from the sink- hence it actually landed on the floor not the sink. ha ha.

    Yes, thrift shops forever! Except my local ones haven't been too great recently. I think they are starting to realise the value of things. I laugh when they get things wrong though, for instance a no name brand item that looks like granny clothes for $50 and a Yohji Yamamoto skirt for $7 (definitely one of my best finds ever).

    1. I swear I can look at a glass and it will break, lol!

      I think the same thing about thrift shops. I often think that they price things according to what is trendy or "in" at the time.


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