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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Newest Additions to Our Tiki Room

I love vintage furniture and decor, our home is a mix of Mid Century Modern, taxidermy, antique medical instruments, vintage knick knacks, collected artwork, and our beloved Tiki room. Derek and I have affectionately dubbed our home style as "Mid Century Macabre". We both share the love of home decor, the thrill of the hunt for the perfect piece and the adventurous tale that goes along with it. You can find us haunting antique places, flea markets and checking in at our local thrift shops for a piece to add to our little apartment. We like to travel to even just look at "old stuff" (as I would say) and browse around for that one little treasure we may bring home....or big treasure. I have to confess, I'm addicted to chairs and I need to be stopped!

These four new (to us) vintage bamboo bar stools came from our spontaneous trip to Cleveland, Ohio this past weekend. We visited two of our most favorite vintage shops, Flower Child and Sweet Lorain. I love going to Sweet Lorain as Red the owner is so nice and always says, "Welcome Home". Hehe! He always remembers us and is so helpful and kind. I wish I could just live at Sweet Lorain's, I think I would die from happiness.

The black swag lamp hanging to the left is also from a 
Sweet Lorain trip.

I'm wearing a dress I purchased from Target a few weeks when it was scorching hot, of course as soon as I bought it the weather cooled down significantly. It's nice and light weight, flowy and I am a sucker for the lace accents. I added the scarf belt from another dress to add a little visual interest though it's great worn plain.

I'm really enjoying the high-low flowy dress trend right now. Keep em' coming! *Wink*

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I wish my parents had been into Mid Century Macabre instead of just plain ol' Mid Century. I'm pretty sure they HAD some bar stools Just. Like. That. ;o)

    1. I do like just plain ol' Mid Century Modern too ;)
      That's pretty awesome if they did, I am in love with them!
      I'm sure your parents had some great pieces that I would have swooned over ;)

  2. Those bar stools are great! They look very comfortable, unlike ordinary bar stools and sturdy as well. Perfect when you get one drink too much :).
    I have a very few but dear 50's items. I have planned to use them at the hall on the second floor when it's restored.

  3. That room looks incredible and those bar stools look really comfortable ^^


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