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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shoes! OMG! : Dr. Martens Battersea Sneaker Boot

The idea of a Dr. Martens 14-eye sneaker boot intrigues me. I have to say I love the look of these canvas shoes as it gives the look of wearing combat boots, but they seem to be lighter and more flexible to wear for the warmer months. I enjoy wearing my summer dresses with my Docs, but they can get hot and heavy, perhaps the Battersea's are a nice alternative!

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Until next Shoes! OMG!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I'm not sure I like the red color but those in black would probably be pretty cute!

  2. Oh these do look lovely for a mild summer =D
    If only it never reached over 95 here, haha!

  3. Might be less hard to wear in too! If you get these, I'd love to hear what you think!

  4. Cause it's Dr. Martens I was expecting like $200 for canvas shoes...but surprisingly theyre on sale for like 60. seems like a fair price. but dude... did you see THESE: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=25861279&color=001&parentid=MORE%20IDEAS?$lookbookSm$

    what the.... I think those would go up to my crotch.

    1. Hahahaha! I have actually seen them the Agyness Deyn in person at a Doc store in Philly. CRAZY!!!


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