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Friday, April 19, 2013

Souvenir (Salvador) Dali Ant Bracelet

It was back to work on Thursday after getting back from Florida on Wednesday, so I wanted to wear the ant bracelet I got from our trip to the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg, FL. As odd as it sounds, the black and white in the bracelet (and the warmer Buffalo weather) reminded me of these white/black splattered pants that I purchased last year. Yes, they look like dalmatian print more than ink splatters, oh well. *Wink*

I had no idea what to wear after vacation, so this is all my brain could spit out and I didn't have energy to wash my hair, hence the bandana. I actually switched out the hoodie for one of my vests as it was in the 70s and felt like it, to my surprise!

Salvador Dali is one of my favorite artists and I enjoy surrealist art in general, so the trip was very exciting and educational. It made me love Dali that much more! The museum was small, but it was a work of art all in itself, I think Dali would have been proud that such an amazing building housed some of his great works.


Mr. Derek holds onto his hat, it was so windy!

Do you have a favorite artist or art movement?

Thank you for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Cute outfit; my new fave saying is "doomed to eternal Dalmatian" hehe.

    I've been to that museum! It's fantastic. Dali has always been one of my favourite artists.

    1. Hahaha, that saying is too awesome!! That's great that you've visited the museum, it's just such a cool experience!

  2. Yes! I love Dali! I went to an exhibit once that had STATUES for sale! Alas, far above my budget! Perhaps one day! but I have got some rather cool surreal critters today! They shall be posted on my blog soon!

  3. Cute! I am embarassed to say that I had no idea that there was a Dali Museum in Florida! Ha! I'm really into 18 and 19th century American and Europen art ... And I better be because that's what I study. The list of favorite artists are long .... Styles encompass all the of 19th century. It's the beginning of modern thought and modenism as we know it. It facinates the crap out of me.

    1. I don't think many people know it's there, so no embarrassment needed ;)

  4. The husband loves Dali - when I met him he had that huge print of Dali's face in his living room! : )

    I really love that building - thanks for sharing!


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