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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Outfit Of The Day : Lace Blouse & A Fresh Tattoo

Pardon me as I'm trying a new outfit spot in my Coffin Kitsch workshop aka my dressing boudoir, as I have natural light facing me rather than when I shoot photos in the doorway. My apartment is a major challenge in terms of natural lighting as I strongly detest using my flash, but I'm experimenting! 

Wednesday was Derek's day off which usually means lots of errands, planning the week's menu and grocery shopping. We usually go to some thrift stores and go to appointments, or go on an adventure. I believe it's really important to spend time together other than just doing household tasks, but sometimes you just gotta take care of business.

Using a flash, blech! Also pointing out Ice Bat now has 
a new frame.

I had to dress around a fresh tattoo on my forearm, as you can see in my awesomely obvious drawing where he lives. I decided to wear my new blouse from Forever 21 (I wore this for Thanksgiving) which is a lovely lace print, paired with a basic black skirt and leggings. I fell in love with the blouse because I like the print, the material is flowy, and I'm a sucker for bows. The sleeves were perfect, because of the three quarter length, they weren't rubbing or constricting my arm. I love getting tattooed, I hate the healing process, yet it's always worth it!

Thanks for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Yay! New ink :) I can sympathize, I despise the healing process on piercings. I'm looking to load up my ears, but I just can't imagine putting up with the aching, the bleeding, the crusting and the infection. XP Especially when it's cold and I need to wear earmuffs...

    1. Oh goodness, yes healing piercing in the cold winter months are no fun! I'm still healing my nostril piercing and it flares up when my sinuses/allergies are a mess. Warm chamomile tea bags help with healing and promote blood circulation!

  2. OOOO new tatt! Damn picture is too small!

    My skin has got really sensitive since my orig tatt and I am not sure if I can get them anymore, but I really hope so cause there are a few little lines of text I want.

    1. I know it's too small, I cropped it closer=derp face. Haha!
      Getting something small may test your skin to see if you can take it. Some people are allergic to certain tattoo ink colors, like red. Good luck!

  3. Im usually a Ann Taylor girl but I like you style.... rock om


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