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Monday, November 26, 2012

Being Practical Is Hard

With all the cyber sales, it's making my head spin as I love a good bargain....but it's only a good bargain when it's something that's on my mental checklist. For instance Solestruck is having a crazy sale, 50% their  sale items and I restrained myself so passionately to NOT buy shoes that I'm not going to wear on a regular basis. Like these Spiked Lita's which are only $64.97, my size is sold out now. Phew!

Grant it, my red Fakery Campbells are extremely uncomfortable, but I don't NEED another pair of shoes I'm only going to wear once or twice a month. Being practical is really hard when shiny spiked things are involved. I keep telling myself that my lifestyle has changed and I'm not the clubbing maven I once was (no more goth club in Buffalo) and I need practical, yet fun, footwear. 

Now, these types of shoes are on my mental checklist.  A colored creeper to add a 'pop' of color as I wear creepers for casual everyday, when going to shows, or paired with pencil skirts and dresses. I would like a pair of black lace-up wedge booties that I can wear with skinny jeans, dresses, etc. I want wedge booties to fill my need for something with a 'heel' to pair with my skinny jeans and a blouse for feeling a little dressy for the holidays.

Sigh. Being practical and using self retraint. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

On the up side I'm defining my wardrobe and identifying its weaknesses, so I'm not having any melt downs while getting dressed. I think (as a goth) I'm always making a statement, so I just want to get the most out of my wardrobe as I can.

Do you have self restraint while shopping?
Thanks for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Omg I have the self restraint regarding spiked Litas from Jeffrey Campbell. I've been drooling over them on the windows for ages, but I wouldn't really know what to wear them with since my style is mostly cabaret goth and they are not certainly something I would wear on a daily basis XD
    Well, I guess I'll try and ask Santa anyway...
    (And I definitely need to get a pair of creepers >.<!)

    1. Hrmmm, I think they would look cute with cabaret styles, stripes, lace, corsets, etc. Mixing the hard edge of the shoes with the soft would be cute =D
      I love creepers, they are my favorite shoe style and versatile!

  2. Self restraint - what's that? Having been without contract work for seven weeks now (and therefore being quite broke), the only way I can exercise any is to not go to all the holiday functions put on by my favourite boutiques, and immediately delete all emailed invitations to these functions as soon as they appear in the in-basket. Perhaps I should ask Santa for some self restraint at Xmas ... now that might be a useful gift! :D

  3. The self restraint, I have it. :) I'd like to say it's because I have willpower of steel, finely honed from years of discipline. But the truth is that it's easy to have self restraint when almost nothing fits. Being tall and having wide feet are excellent deterrents from clothes and shoe shopping. :P

  4. :D I just got mine spiked Litas in the mail yesterday! they are awesome. I hope you will be able to find them again.
    I should definitely look for more practical shoes since my life with kids on the countryside doesn't give opportunities to wear shoes like this. But shoes are my passion!


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