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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Going to a one of Tiki group's birthday party

In yesterday's post I mentioned how much I hate jeans shopping and well...I still do, yet I wanted to share my $2 trouser purchase from Goodwill (it's a thrift store). The brand is AB Studio and I believe can be found at stores like Kohl's. I haven't worn a wider leg trouser as a casual pant in a long time since jeans creeped into my closet due to working at a trendy store at the mall some years back. I think these trouser style jeans are very flattering on me and for $2 it makes my wallet quite happy.


I will get a lot of use out of these pants and I'm going to include pants in my thrift store hunts as I'm not completely fed up with skinny jeans (or treggings or jeggings or whatever-eggings), I just need to think outside of the box and try on different styles.

So Meagan, why do you hate pants shopping? 
The main reason why I hate shopping for pants is because I'm pear shaped, though the modern world tells us woman are no longer shaped like fruit, I am old school and I say I'm a pear. *Wink*. 
I am a slim woman, but I am shapely. I have my 'taco tummy' to mind as I refuse to give myself muffin top, I have wide hips, a small waist and muscular thighs. I'm not complaining about my shape as my issues are a common among woman, I just have a struggle with pants that are flattering and comfortable. I don't like pants that are too low waisted. too tight in the seat, too tight in the waist, or that accentuate my hips. I'm also in between a juniors and a misses sizing, so the cut of the pants can be tricky....I don't want saggy bottom syndrome.

Thanks for reading about my pants saga! Hahaha!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. We both hate jean shopping for the same reasons! Bah just bought a pair that fit perfectly in the shop but now they're massive, oh dear time to drag myself back to the shops again...

    Anyway just wanted to say you're one of my favourites for outfits, beaut! Xo

  2. Thank you for the wonderful compliment :) That really made my day!
    Good luck with your pants shopping, at least looser is better than tighter ;)

  3. Ooo, they really suit you!! I don't own jeans at all, I hate them! The closest I have is bloomers ... but those trousers look very comfy ;)

    1. Thank Michelle! I do love bloomers, but I think they would make me look bigger in the 'taco tummy' area, which I like to camouflage. You always look so darling in your bloomers!
      These trousers are awesome, I think I'm going to head in the 90s tack pants area, I have ideas.....terrible ideas of things I used to wear. Muahahahaha!!!

  4. I'm wearing that cardigan to work today! Spooky

  5. I can't stand pants shopping either. As a woman at the larger end of the size range, I find that most jeans these days are cut for a slimmer figure with smaller thighs and a flatter behind. If I look at plus-size clothing you can find pants that are higher-rise and more figure flattering but these are several sizes too large for myself.


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