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Friday, September 21, 2012

Gloomth Designer Feature : Auxiliary Magazine Part II

 Additional online content seen here: Auxiliary Online

It's still a little surreal to see photos of myself in a publication and online, even though I've worked Auxiliary Magazine as a stylist for three years! It's a great crew behind the scenes that creates amazing images, the model and the photographer always get praised, yet it's the make-up artists, hair stylists and wardrobe and creative directors that help to pull it all off. I don't look this good from day-to-day. Haha! It was a hot one that day, but I'm glad my non-model modeling helped to feature Gloomth's awesome designs.

There is also a great interview about Gloomth featured in the magazine, be sure to read as Miss Vanity Kills is a good friend of mine and an excellent interviewer. 

Photographer : Ian Gattie
Creative Director : Jennifer Link
Fashion Stylist : Jennifer Link & Meagan Kyla
Makeup Artist : Leane Steck
Hair & Model : Meagan Kyla

Thanks for reading! Check out Auxiliary Magazine www.auxiliarymagazine.com

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. This is really cool! What a great opportunity.

  2. I disagree, you seem to look fabulous all the time ;)

    These photos are incredibly good-- the gate one is my favorite, but not because of the gate... I love how the sun is gleaming through the clouds and bars, and how you've positioned yourself and how they angled the shot just so to make yourself the focus in such a blinding light above you.

    1. You are very sweet, thank you for the nice compliment. I agree about the gate shot, there is another one in the print issue that I also enjoy by the gate.

  3. These photos turned out awesome!

    By the way, I read Auxiliary magazine and I think you do an excellent job with your styling. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you!
      I am not the fashion editor any longer, yet fully support the publication. It was a great 3 years being included in development of the project :)


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