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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Professor's Monthly Homework Assignment: Purses and Bags, Opening Up Pandora's Box

Oh my, The Professor doesn't realize that her monthly homework assignment will be opening up my Pandora's Box. Oh my. Oh my. Oh my.

See that chest? It's my Pandora's Box
This month's homework assignment theme is purses and bags and let's just say I'm a huge fan of both. My purses, bags, wallets, makeup bags, and other assorted bags live in a chest in my living room. I have so many bags that I can't keep them in the bedroom as it's so overwhelming due to the volume. *Breathe just breathe*

All by Dungaree Dolly
I decided to just show you my Dungaree Dolly collection....well most of it. The ones pictured above live in the chest with my other non-Dolly bags and these are used sporadically. So many different shapes, sizes and patterns, I just want to dive right in!


These Dolly bags are the ones I use very often, the black ruffled bag (City Bag) with lace is my current flavor of the week. *Wink* I know I have mentioned Miss Dolly and her lovely creations a lot on my blog, but I guess you now see the true extent of my love affair. I have a variety of purses and bags as this is a way I like to infuse patterns, texture and color into my outfits. A 'pop' of color and fun added to a basic all black outfit makes me smile. I'm already thinking about my next Dungaree Dolly bag, because I really need another one! Ok, I'm being dramatic. Hehe!

Dolly's website
Dolly's etsy

Please note she does NOT do custom orders, so a lot of the bags I own are special and/or older designs/prints.

Thanks for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. You are insane, woman! ;-D These are a great way to keep every outfit unique. You could wear the same thing over and over; just swap out the purse each tine and it's a whole new look!

    What's the total count on the DD bags?

    1. You know, I've never counted!!!! I need to do that ;)
      I am insane....insane for DD bags!!!

  2. HOLY CRAP! Yes, this is so many kinds of delicious! WAHOO! HUZZAH!

  3. Oh your Dolly collection is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the link to her etsy shop as well :) My favourites in your collection are the red scull bag and your current fav with the ruffles.

  4. That pink with the bats is my favourite! Do you get some % of as a regular customer? :D

    I need one or more of them, now! ^^

    1. Everyone tries to steal that bag from me, hehehe! No %, yet I'm lucky enough to receive them as gifts or I help Dolly work her shows and payment is a lovely new bag!


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