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Friday, July 27, 2012

Shoes! OMG! : Oxford Platform Creepers

Hrmmmm, I wouldn't necessarily call these shoes "creepers" as the description above states, but these little platform boots caught my eye on ebay. They are just the right amount of platform fun mixed with a lace-up style combat boot, buckles and stud details. My only issue is ordering from China. I have nothing against the country itself, I just used to shop in Chinatown in downtown Toronto, Ontario and I know that the shoes usually run small. And what about the quality, is it worth the $19.99 shipping? 

Have you ever ordered shoes from an Asian ebay store? 

Thanks for reading?
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I ordered a skirt from an ebay store in Hong Kong, and was quite happy with the experience.

    Fast, on time, and it fits (elastic waistbands are super for every size). ;D

  2. I bought a super cute pair of knee high pink platform boots with bows from an ebay seller in china or japan (can't remember) - they were an AWFUL fit - the calf area of the boot was gapingly HUGE - like plus size girl huge even when laced all the way tight! the quality wasn't great either - and for the cost of shipping them back I would have really lost out. I never wore them and ended up selling them at a consignment shop. Some plus size girl is probably very happy with them today!

    1. That's what I am afraid of, I think I'll pass on ordering and stick with buying shoes from sources/brands that I know will fit and if I have to return it won't cost me a fortune. ;)


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