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Friday, July 27, 2012

Ladies In Black Theme : Inspired By A Song

I have to admit I was a little at a loss over what to do for the Ladies In Black : Inspired By A Song theme until I started looking at some old photos. I was looking at the photos as I'm gearing myself to go out with a few of my friends tonight that I've been going to clubs with for about 10 years now. Crazy, I know. So, I was inspired by these photos I am about to share as I have a very deep love for Switchblade Symphony's music and fashion sense.....perhaps back then I loved it a little too much.




I fell in love with the babydoll cutesy look, curls, bows, dreads, babydoll dresses, maryjanes, etc. I guess you could say I was doing Gothic Lolita before I even knew what that was, mixed with (what today would be called) Kinderwhore. I still love all the lace, ribbons, etc. and still infuse the small details in with my current wardrobe. I still love twirling to uber gothy songs, like "Clown" by Switchblade Synphony and being oh-so-dramatic. *Hand. Staple. Forehead*
Though I've retired my jumper dresses, faux hair, and pouty doll lips, I will forever love Switchblade Symphony.

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. God,you're so cute! Your style is amazing <3

  2. Hey, you rocked that style! I love Switchblade Symphony too ;)

  3. Lace and curls can never go wrong when stiffing up a gothic look.

    Much love: http://razzledazzleandrocknroll.blogspot.co.uk/ I am trying to get my followers up so any follow is appreciated.



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