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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Casual Look Of The Day : Stitches


I'm wearing my newest addition to my growing collection of patterned leggings. The Stitch Leggings were purchased from hottopic.com, that's right, HOT TOPIC! Before you blast and condemn me for buying things from this store that seems to drive controversy amongst the goths, punks, etc., I don't care. I shop wherever I like and purchase things that suit my style and taste, besides these are just pretty sweet leggings! At a $22.50 price tag, I was pretty pleased with the price and I like the fit and quality. Though the website does not label the leggings, I was surprised when I saw a Lip Service tag on the inside of the leggings! 

Picture Right: Drinking out of my coffin flask while giving the
metal claw
I purchased a size medium in the leggings, and I believe they run pretty true to size according to their size chart. I paired the leggings with an over size button-up top to cover my bum, as we all should know that leggings are not a replacement for pants....cover your ass ladies!

Thanks for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I've also noticed that HT doesn't designate certain designers on their site. I think it might be because Lip Service produces lines especially for them to make them a bit less expensive than elsewhere. How do I know this? Because I used to work there! There, I said it.

    I say shop wherever ya want, but don't work for them!

    1. I have discovered that when I worked for HT as well....many moons ago ;)

  2. OMG YES THANK YOU... leggings do not equal pants. I have seen this on more than a few occasions where people don't seem to know how to wear leggings right.

    I know Hot Topic is on most subcultures' black-lists, but they have some neat stuff on occasion.

    My wallet has zombie Betty Page on it, got it from Hot Topic... I won't apologize for that.

  3. WAHOO!! Those leggings are some serious sweetness! Metal claw ... hehehehe ...

  4. wow those leggings look great! love the stitches pattern.


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