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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pre-Deco Fest : Swingin' With The Royal Crowns

I missed out on wrapping up Sophistique Noir's Red and Black week as I was running around with Miss Dolly getting ready for The Royal Crowns cd release party which was paired up with a pre-party for Deco Fest. Deco Fest is a fundraiser to bring the Central Terminal of Buffalo, NY up to it's former glory. It was a huge effort done by Miss Dolly and her husband Jason (who is the bass player of The Royal Crowns) to put on the pre-party, arrange all the vendors, swing dance, etc. They did an amazing job! I had a lot of fun and even spun around the dance floor with the husband! We aren't excellent dancers, but we laugh a lot and have fun.

Skirt by Mode Merr

Close up of shrunked head detail

I got my nose pierced!

Where did my hair go?! I pulled the front of my hair up and back into a pomp, secured with bobby pins. I teased the rest up and back, (I highly recommend teasing (back combing) your hair to give your hair some body no matter what the hair style) tied the scarf into a bow, then arranged my hair around the scarf. I have a little 80s look going on, a la Madonna. *Wink*

Thanks for reading!!! XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Those sunglasses! I want! And nosepiercing is always <3 I have had mine for over 13 years now :)

  2. I love your skirt! The whole outfit looks great!

  3. Awww, your hair looks gorgeous like that - very cute!


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