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Monday, June 18, 2012

Get Into The Groove : 80s Night!

With a healing leg tattoo and it being hot as shit outside, I was having a wardrobe dilemma on how to dress for the 80s night I attended in our neighboring city Rochester, NY. After trying on all my "slutty" skirts (which I affectionately call my short skirts), I realized they were not quite slutty errrr, I mean short enough for a night of dancing. I forced myself to go shopping last minute at the mall and came home with shorts. The thought of  walking around all night in shorts with bare legs sorta makes me cringe. I don't know why I like to be so covered up, but some sort of leg covering is a must for me, especially to prevent boot chaffage. Perhaps it's an added layer of defense against club germs, or I just think it looks aesthetically pleasing. So, I came up with this solution:


Not my most favorite outfit in the world, but shorts are comfortable for dancing the night away to 80s classics.I think the next time I wear these shorts I'll throw on my elastic garter straps to break up the leg line when I'm pairing the shorts with my short pointy boots. I'm sure the look will grow on me, but I think it needs some fine tuning. I'm also insane and pretty much didn't take my jacket off the whole night. I know I'm a dedicated jack-a-holic and I do suffer for fashion!

Up close shot of makeup/accessories.

Thanks for reading!!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Looking good! The shorts suit you =]

    I feel the same about leg coverage too- I never go out without tights/stockings/very long socks on! I think it's because I don't like my knees lol!

  2. I'm so jealous of your deathchops/sideburns. Mine don't behave, they always curl and look silly :( My hair isn't thick enough either

    1. Try using a pomade before you flat iron to get them nice and straight. I have wavy hair and they get stupid a lot and if it's humid, forget it!

  3. So bummed we missed it! Sounds like it was fun. Your hair was in FULL EFFECT YO!!!

  4. I love shorts and stockings. Your makeup looks amaaazing!


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