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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Don't Call It A Come Back : Deathrock

Drawing my husband did for 'Deathrock Western NY'

The drawing above is sorta a joke as there is no deathrock "scene" to speak of in Western NY, yet there are people here and there that enjoy the music genre that is more intermingled with the punks than the goths.

My friend James and I have had many discussions about the current state of music and how people have a tendency to segregate these music genres into tiny little subsets that (personally) make my head spin. Grant it, I understand that the bands themselves (and a lot of times the fans) feel their music isn't just part of generic labeling (i.e.-goth, punk, post-punk, etc.) I'm not going to go into the origins of the music, that's what Google is for, *Wink*. 

The thing that I've been scratching my head over is babble around the internet about deathrock dying (hehe!) and now having a comeback? It left!? I always knew it was here! Perhaps the idea that a large group of bands are producing this sound and now it's becoming more readily available? Regardless of whether you want to state deathrock is putting the 'punk back into goth' or vise versa (I personally think it's more rooted in punk), the fact that people are making music I love makes me a happy girl. 

I have a theory that deathrock is the connecting bridge that will join the punk and goth scenes once again, and it's certainly a backlash of all the soul less electric crap being pumped out as fast as you can say, "Goth's not dead". Oops, I'll step off my soap box, but seriously, the 'Pong Song'?!, enough said.

Cvlt Nation wrote an interesting article and included a "Deathrock Mixtape", I highly recommend the read as well as downloading the new deathrock mixtape. Whether this deathrock resurgence is here to stay for just a passing fancy, I'll ride the wave and recoil back to my favorite music staples. It's nice to see current bands emerging, while old bands like Alien Sex Fiend are still creating music. Viva La Deathrock!

Remember kids, deathrock is not just about having a "deathhawk" and adorning yourself with ripped fishnets, yet it certainly is fun to look pretty while you're enjoying the music!

Support independent bands!

I love this band!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Songs like "Pong Song" are the reason why I find the Gothsicles so damned funny.

  2. They are a great new band - and yes, there are lots of them around at the moment!


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