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Monday, May 21, 2012

Dang, It's Hot Out!

Over the weekend it reached a record 89 degrees in Buffalo and for it only being May it's sorta insane! I have to admit I love warm weather, but the humidity is a killer, especially when you're trying to look cute when you're really melting. Ugh! The other reason why I don't enjoy the warm weather is the skin becomes more exposed and the staring, comments and harassment starts when you are tattooed. Usually people's comments don't bother me or when they strike up a conversation based on their admiration of my work, yet sometimes I want to just to go the store, buy my crap and get the hell outta there. People can truly be rude, yet I know it comes with the territory of being a tattoo individual or anyone who is 'out of the norm'. Most of the time I tell them to go to hell in my head and keep on smiling. *Wink*.

Let the skin exposure begin, now with shorts! Eeeeeeek!


Being a ham ;)


Some funny things people have said to me:

-Are those real? 
-You are so pretty, why would you do that to yourself?!
-Where else are you tattooed? (Ew!)
-I like your tat's, wanna see mine? (No thanks!)
-You would so much prettier without those things all over you. (Thanks random asshole!)
-*While petting me* Your artwork is so gorgeous. (I should have told them I have scabies)

I always say it's a good thing I have a really good sense of humor! 

Thanks for reading!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I love, love, love your tattoos. I want to be a inked lady one day :)
    It's funny when people say "do you want to see my tattoo?" and it's just a crappy home job that looks horrible :P

  2. OMG yes, I'm totally telling people I have scabies from now on! :D

    LURV your shorts!

  3. I hate the "do you want to see my tattoo?" as well, but mostly I just hate people I don't know coming up and touching my tattoos. It is as though they think that it is not going to feel like skin.

  4. You look hot! ;P I guess it's just the nature of people to blurt out silly things when they encounter something they think deviates from the norm.

    I have tons of tattoo ideas, I want everything! I guess getting one means you just have to get many, many more ;)

  5. "You'd be prettier without all the tattoos."
    "And you'd be more likable if you didn't hand out unsolicited opinions."
    I say such rude things in my head! >only in my head<

  6. You are too adorable!

    Ugh, Question #4 is creepy. And people who feel the need to verbally call attention to their tattoos usually have totally ugly tattoos. ;-D

  7. #2 and #5 are personal pet peeves of mine too! Why would I care if some GEEZER would like me better with natural hair and a boring wardrobe?


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