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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Video Blog : E.L.F Cosmetics Review

Hello readers! Here's another installment of Dippity Durr Productions by Meagan Kyla (I just like calling it this, as it's all silly anyways!). I'm rabbling about E.L.F Cosmetics and having some "durr moments", it wouldn't be me without some memory loss. Wait...what was I talking about again? *Wink*

Okay so I ramble and repeat myself, oops!

Thanks to Miss Zillah at midnightpoesy.blogspot.com for the advice on the primer, sorry I butchered your beautiful name!
Buy E.L.F Cosmetics at www.eyeslipsface.com

Outtakes? Dork takes?

Thanks for watching! XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I've used the ELF products before and have had good overall results. I also am a big fan of Target and you can't beat a good product that is also afordable and as an added bonus they don't test on animals! Great video!

    1. Yes, I forgot to mention that they don't test on animals! I like that as well.

      We live down the street from a Target....it's dangerous!

  2. Replies
    1. I wanted to put this before but didnt cause I was a lil scared. Your seriously amazing, I love your style and your tats hopefully I can get the guts to do my style some day, haha. You inspire me much missy :)

    2. That is super sweet of you to say. :) I'm just a big ole' dork being myself! You'll find your way and you'll do what makes you happy dear! <3

  3. Fun videos, I like how frank you are :) I also have the same elf eyeshadow brush (I didn't like it that much, I use fluffier brushes) and the mineral foundation. I found porcelain to be a bit too dark, but it came in a set with a mineral concealer to go with it, and it was lighter and suited me well.

    I've liked their liquid lipsticks and the crease brush (or maybe a blending brush? I'm not sure because the brush doesn't say) is excellent, a small brush with a round shape, white handle and silver ferrule. I use it every day to put on eyeshadow highlight colour on my brow bones and inner eye corners.

    1. I think I have their crease brush and I like it a lot as well.
      I pretty much find everything to be too dark for me in terms of powder foundation, I use NYX's cake powder in Pale to blend everything together. I use an array of things I'm sure other people would cringe at, lol! Thanks for watching dear!

  4. Ahhh, Butternut! That was the quad that got me started on neutrals in general. I wasn't even going to buy it, but they sent it to me as a free gift with purchase. Very nice little quad!

    My $1 blending brushes have had that pop-off head problem, too. Easy fix, but damn annoying when it happens right in the middle of using it!


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