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Saturday, March 10, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

I am completely floored that Miss Mary of Le Professeur Gothique nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award, it seriously brought tears of joy to my eyes (shhhh, I'm secretly a softy). I started my blog in December over at Wordpress and I just really wasn't feeling the love or the ease of blogging, so I moved over to Blogger after realizing how easy it was to use, and that a lot of the blogs I read were hosted over here. Well, I lost about a month's worth of blogs after I transferred over, but it was well worth it as I was welcomed with open arms into a little community of gals who are phenomenal from all over the world. I regret nothing and am happy that within almost 3 months of solid blogging, I'm having fun and enjoying my little part of the internet. [big smile]

The rules of the award is to present it to fifteen bloggers and list seven random things about yourself, hrmmmm, I am pretty random in general. Hehe. Let's see.......

-I love Ice Bats, like a lot. I have sort of an obsession with them as they make me smile.
-I have an irrational fear of worms, I know, it's ridiculous!
-I've never broken a bone in my body which is sorta awesome since I'm a clutz.
-I'm always singing little songs, to my husband, in the car alone, or while showering, etc.
-As much as I love fashion, I hate shopping in stores for clothing. Haha!
-I consider myself a Gnostic [Pagan] with Thelemite undertones.
-I am of Polish and Irish heritage. My mother is Polish and was born in Germany and immigrated here when she was 1 1/2 years of age.

My nominations for the One Lovely Blog Award are less than 15 since I've only been on blogger for a short period of time and I don't even follow 15 lovely lady blogs!

1. Le Professeur Gothique: Miss Mary, you are one of the reason why I love this blogging community! You are smart, sweet and real, I always enjoy hearing your views on the world and the insights into your life. <3

2. Bethezda's Preoccuptions: Not only do I know you personally beyond the internet world (yay!), you are a makeup inspiration, a hot lady friend, and I love your snarky sense of humor. I always enjoy seeing how creative you are and what you've been cooking up. Love you girl!

3. Sophistique Noir: Your elegance is unmatched and I appreciate your lovely photographs as well as showing the world that you can shop smartly and be sexy without being slutty. I've been reading your blog before I joined Blogger and I'm glad I've getting to know you through this great community!

4. G.I.Y: Goth It Yourself: Your blog is wonderful, insightful and just visually amazing! I love making something "mine" and you've given me so many new ideas, thank you!

5. Dark Entries: I think you are adorable, stylish and I love your jacket collection *wink*

6. Gothy Two Shoes: You are so down to earth, have a good sense of humor and awesome style! From one backcomber to another, with love!

7. Mustaa Pitsia: What can I say, I adore you style and your knack for finding amazing 2nd hand goodies. I think we'd make a good shopping duo *wink*.

8. Bones and Lilies: You have fabulous makeup skills, lovely fashion sense and I really enjoy your blog as a new reader!

9. Cemetery Dreams: I think you're adorable and I love your outfit skills. Keep the outfit pictures coming my dear!

10. Craft For Misfits: Michelle you have the BEST taste in music and of course you cover things in bats, how can I not love you to pieces! Hahahaha!

Sorry my list is so short! Now the ladies that I nominated: go forth and nominate 15 bloggers for this award and list 7 random facts about yourself and don't forget to link back to the one who nominated you in the first place.

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Awww, you're so sweet - I'm flattered! You have pretty damn good taste in music too :)

  2. WOW!! Thanks for choosing me!
    I also sings songs to myself. Mostly about what I'm doing at that moment, such as "putting on my sunscreen, so I don't get burnt"
    I did this recently at work :/

    1. Oh no! Being burnt is the WORST, lots of aloe to help smooth your skin! And you are very welcome! ^v^ ^v^ ^v^

  3. Congratulations!
    I had not heard of half those blogs. Some seriously stylish gals on those indeed.
    So, if you don't like shopping in stores, where do you most of your shopping (online, I'm presuming)?
    I shop mostly in thrift shops and on Ebay, because I sell on Ebay and they offer me hard-to-refuse discounts. :P

    1. Just like you, I like to shop at thrift stores, eBay and Vintage shops. I think I like the thrill of the hunt rather than going into most retail clothing stores and being disappointed and frustrated.

  4. Hehe, those ice bats are adorable!
    Thank you so much for nominating me. I'm completely amazed.
    I will go forth and blog my 7 interesting facts =]

    1. You are welcome my dear! Keep on blogging and just being you! :)

  5. Ice Bat is the coolest!! :-D

    Thank you so much for your kind words - you made my Monday. I'm so glad you moved to Blogger: that's where the real fun is... ;) Now I'm off to check out some awesome new (to me) blogs!

    1. Ice Bat IS the coolest, so much I have an Ice Bat tattoo *cough, nerd, cough*.

      I only speak the truth my dear and you are very welcome :)

  6. Aww thank you :) I have already done this one. Btw I have always wanted to travel to Usa, so I will do that, we have to go shopping together :P It would be more than awesome!


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