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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Link Round-Up : Playing Catch Up

Amazing truck we saw at the Dixieland Flea Market

Phew! I've been on a small vacation with friends for the past week and I'm back home. We traveled from Buffalo, NY to Michigan state to visit my friend's family, go clubbing, and my husband worked a little while we were there. Despite having a blast, it's good to be home!

We did some shopping while we were in Michigan and I got to take a look at a few things at Hot Topic. Whether you love or hate the store (in my mind) it serves a purpose for satisfying my, "I want something NOW", retail therapy. Here are a few items that caught my eye.....

+They are calling the goths back with these dangling cross earrings. The more crosses the better!
+Little spiders on stockings! These are a great way to infuse some spooky spiders into an outfit without screaming, "HALLOWEEN".
+This studded accent belt is only $3.99!
+I saw these hair bows in black at the store, nicely made and super duper cute!

Alright darlings, I'm sure you're all scowling at me because I linked you to the dreaded HOT TOPIC OF DOOOOOOOM, but Hot Topic will never be what it was years ago. The store serves a purpose as it still has some spooky undertones and when they have a sale you can get things for dirt cheap. I treat the store just like any other trendy juniors clothing store, if it's not your clothing style=check out the accessories, if you don't fit into anything=shop for stockings, hair doo-dad's, or lipstick. The moral of this all is, don't rule out any store as you never know. I shop everywhere to find deals and even though I prefer to support the 'little guy', those little cheapie's make my wardrobe diverse and give me some DIY projects to work on.

PS-I see that this blog is all black, I'm keeping that way as it's spookier. Haha! *Wink*

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I have to agree - while I'm not a big HT shopper, whenever I do pop in they often have something small for a good price that I can't live without. And I think I'm finally old enough that non-Goths no longer assume that I *must* shop there. :)

    I love their demi-permanent hair color line, Raw. When I had my eggplant hair, I loved their Deep Purple color.

    1. A lot of people rave about HT's hair colors,it's nice to have a place to get demi-permanent's rather than just relying on semi-permanent's like Manic Panic.


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