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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Link Round-Up : Music!

This week is dedicated to music! Wooooo! I can't get enough, I can't live without it, and I certainly consider myself a music lover! Some of my favorite styles of music are; goth, industrial, post-punk, punk, deathrock, gothabilly, psychobilly, swing, surf, 90s dance music and a whole mess of other cheesy goodness. I am linking you to some bands that I have been enjoying as of late.

+If you love dark post-punk, check out The Rope.
+The Acid Bats are a deathrock band from Mexico who are worth a listen too.
+Often compared to The Cure and also covering their song, 'Upstairs Room', Veil Veil Vanish is an amazing band from San Francisco
+Hailing from the eerie shores of Ohio's great lake, Cult of the Psychic Fetus is not only one of my most favorite bands, they helped to define the gothabilly genre.
+Another deathrock band I enjoy Eyaculacion Post Mortem, has a hard name to say with a really nice sound.
+Check out Selebrities, I'm sure they will get your feet moving.

Happy music listening!
XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. The Acid Bats have been on my rotation as well! There's something deep and raw about them that I really like. Do you know Le Vene Di Lucretia? They're a deathrock band from Florence, Italy -- real good stuff.

    1. Oh! I need to check out the band you recommended, I have never heard of them. Yay! New music!!! Thanks dahhhhhling <3


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