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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day Fashion

The husband and I ventured out into the world this year for Valentine's Day, something we usually avoid as I hate crowds and people are out in droves on this specific day. I think you get my point. Derek surprised me with dinner reservations to our favorite Indian restaurant, Tandooris. We dined, we laughed and I watched my husband drink two very spicy cocktails, ouch! I also love Tandooris, as no matter what day you go all the ladies leave with a red rose, how awesome is that?!

Here's what we both wear to dinner:

Derek is so dapper!

What Derek wore:
Black suit coat and black velvet vest-by I.N.C from Macy's men's store (he always has good luck shopping there)
Black and white striped dress shirt by Lip Service-a gift from me purchased new from eBay a few years ago
Burgundy Tie-department store purchase
Black pants-department store purchase
Wingtip creepers by Demonia-purchased from a 2nd hand store
Tombstone tie tack purchased from Dabble Designs-a gift from me!

What I wore:
Black corduroy blazer (yes, corduroy! it's warm)-thrift store find (the sleeves are a little short on me, story of my long armed life, ahaha!)
Burgundy and black striped button up with giant bow and rhinestone button detail-Forever 21, $7 on clearance
Black skinny jeans with ankle zippers-Old Navy $9 on clearance
Black witch boots-purchased from etsy's vintage section, I think I paid $20
Rhinestone bird brooch-a gift from a friend. I like the extra 'pop' of sparkle on a black jacket.
I'm also wearing a hair bow with a rhinestone detail, it gives my hair a little more feminine touch.

I usually would wear a dress or a skirt at any chance I get, but I was cold and I was having one of those 'I don't like the way I look in anything' sorta days. My go-to dinner outfits are a button-up top and a blazer, add some sparkle and Voila! Now where's that wine......

As a side note-I recommend every woman own a nice blazer and/or jacket, you can find them everywhere from thrift stores to Target to a trendy mall store. It's an easy addition to skirt's, dresses, pants, skinny jeans, etc. It emphasizes your waist and gives a nice silhouette, blazers aren't just for business types! Then again this is coming from the women who has a slight jacket obsession *Wink*.

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. You two look awesome!!! Yes, your hubster is a super, duper Dapper Dan Man! ;) And for the record, I love corduroy blazers -- LOVE them. You look very fine in yours, darling! MUAH! Happy Valentine's Day to you both!

    1. Thank you dear, Happy Valentine's Day (a little late) to you and yours!

  2. You both look great. I love the way your man dresses for dinner! We had Indian food on Valentine's day, too. I heard reports that people waited 2.5 hours to eat at the soulless chain restaurants, and we walked right into our local Indian place and sat right down and were treated like family. I'm willing to bet the food was better, too, than those chain places that just focus on large portions. Oops, I digressed and hopped up on my soapbox... Sorry. :)

    Thank you for extolling the virtues of the blazer! You are so right.

    1. Oh, I totally agree about "soulless chain restaurants", we always try and support the little guy, besides it's better food as well. ;)

      Yes, I am a blazer fiend. I have one that I need to wear more often and I'm feeling inspired to do a little D.I.Y on it *wink*.

  3. *Cue eyeroll from husband* Jacket obsession? I have a large and crazy variety-even a black blazer with little line drawings all over that say "East End Boys" and "West End Girls". :)

    1. That is a-mazing! I love unique jackets, cherish that one for ever!


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