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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just Another Friday Night.....

Just another Friday night outing to a goth/industrial night. I particularly liked how I styled my hair, teased the mohawk up and back, I looked like I was going really fast. Haha! Of course, I look really thrilled in the bottom photo or am I trying to be spooky? Who knows! This outfit is a good example of how I like to wear animal prints to the club.

What I wore:
D.I.Y Vest-base of the vest is from Switchblade Stiletto (new-ebay $10)
Black lace ruched top-Charlotte Russe
Zebra Body Con skirt-Charlotte Russe
Leggings-Hot Topic (gift)
Pointy buckle booties-Amazon.com ($12!)
Various accessories-from various places (ebay, thrifting, gifts, etc)

I am wearing short boots to the club (which sucked to dance in) as my husband finished up my leg piece earlier in the week:

My sexy burlesque-a-mingo on my right leg. I do love pink flamingo's! *Wink*

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


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