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Friday, February 10, 2012

February's Homework Assignment : "I Forgot I Even Own This"

Oh! The Le Professeur Gothique's February homework assignment, "I forgot I even owned this!", was a pretty easy assignment to complete. I dug deep into the back of the closet and pulled out a few things that I didn't necessary "forget" I owned, but I know I haven't worn these garments in quite a few years.

I know you're all yelling at me saying, "Why in the world would you not wear this dress more often?!". My answer, "I dunno", hahahaaaa! It's a very memorable dress with the bright red color and black stripes, I guess I just don't want to wear out it's welcome. 

Dress is by Shawna Hofman purchased on our San Francisco trip from the wonderful boutique, Five and Diamond. Witchy boots purchased from etsy's vintage section and "fishnet" leggings from Walmart.

Lovely hair creation by my friend Dolly from Dungaree Dolly, they are black Calla Lilies as she knows they are my favorite flower, well the white ones are anyway. *Wink* Black Rose Bud Earrings (a gift) from Rocklove Jewelry.

Onto the second outfit of misfit clothing..............................................................................

Ack! PVC (vinyl) never really photograph's well with a typical point-n-shoot camera. Anywho, the skirt is a custom made Gallery Serpentine skirt that I ordered about 8 years ago? (DAMN!) It is an amazing skirt, very high quality, yet can be cumbersome to wear. I'm just not really into long skirts any more, but I do like it paired it with Lip Service lace jacket and corset. Hrmmmm......I may have to wear this out!
The corset was purchased (new) from eBay for $20, made by Heavy Red. The corset is a relatively new purchase and I have not worn it out, yet it did appear on a model for a photo shoot. The white satin and black lace jacket was purchased a few years ago off eBay and it is a sample from a seller who sells Lip Service's samples and close outs. It's a lovely jacket, but it is flawed and as you can see in the left picture the right shoulder sorta droops. The jacket is also pretty big on me, but I think paired with corset it makes a nice silhouette. 

Thanks for reading! Check out the Le Professeur Gothique's blog to learn more about how to join in on the fun!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. My goodness, both of those dresses are now of my envy! >:-) The red one really does leave a bold impression. I also love the stripes pared with the swirly bits on the collar and the black bars along with the buttons. Yum!

    I'm not a fan of long skirts but I think you rocked it. I think it's all about pairing it with the right stuff.

    1. Thanks dear! I wear long flowy skirts in my "regular" wardrobe from time to time, but long skirts at the club interfere with my dancing ;)
      Thanks for reading and your kind words!

  2. HOLY FREAKING SMOKES!!!! Ok, I am now yelling : WHY, WHY, WHY ARE THESE NOT IN CIRCULATION?!?!? Both outfits are super gorgeous. I love the first one for bouncing around and club nights; and the second one for fancy dinners or parties! Hell, even a bar. You look absolutely awesome! WOOT! WOOT!

    Thanks for participating!

    1. Thanks doll for the kind words ;) I know, I know, I NEED to get more dolled up every once in a while. I know my husband loves the red dress, when I walked out of the dressing room when I was trying it on he said, "We're definitely buying that for you, you look amazing!".

      Fun assignment for sure!!!

  3. O__O nice. *speechless*
    the only thing i'm not jealous of is that corset because i have the same but 20$?! impressing! really, two awesome outfits that you really should show some times!


    1. Because I'm lazy and live in Buffalo, LOL!
      ;) <3

  5. Aaaw, that red one is adorable, you indeed look awesome! ^^

  6. You certainly need to put these outfits into good use since you look gorgeous in both! That red dress is, ah, amazing!

    1. Thank you, thank you! Yes, I moved all these items to the front of the closet ;)
      Thanks for reading!

  7. "Why in the world would you not wear this dress more often?!" Sorry, I couldn't resist. ;) But you really should, because it's fabulous. But I see your point: when something is memorable and has such distinct character, you can't repeat it too often (at least not for the same audience). The second outfit, however, really is the show-stopper for me. It's loaded with dark, edgy elegance. I'm completely jealous of every single inch of it!!! Most of all the jacket. I doubt anyone could tell it was flawed, and as you said the corset compensates for the fit. Oooh, how I want one!! :)

    1. Hahahhaha! You're too cute ;) Thank you for the kind words, that is a huge compliment coming from such a stylish lade like yourself. The jacket is from the Vaudeville Vamps collection from Lip Service, I could totally see you wearing the jacket!!!

  8. You look lovely in both outfits, you really should wear them.

  9. I love both of them!
    I also have a question, how do you do your hair?
    Do you get the volume because it's only shaved on one side (or is it a deathawk?)
    I find that unless my hawk is up, it looks pretty limp and lifeless, but I crave volume (always).

    1. I essentially have a "deathawk" and I use a lot of product and technique to get my hair really messy whether when it's "up" or "down".
      Basically when I get out of the shower I towel dry and add a smoothing cream, then directional blow dry to get volume.
      I then apply a light water based pomade (I am going to start using fiber) and flat iron my hair. I tease my hair with a teasing brush rather than a comb to give my hair more texture. I also sometimes use a texturizing powder at the roots which sort "back combs" your hair for you.
      In the pictures I am teasing my hair over to the right and finishing with a hair spray like Bedhead (which I LOVE). Sorry this is long, I do a lot to my hair and it's very healthy despite all this crap. LOL!!!!

    2. Do you have specific products you prefer for your hair?
      The only product I have is my Bio-Freeze Hair Spray which I use to get my hair into a mohawk.
      But, it never looks quite like I want it too (which is more 80s gothy and less 'fan' like).
      I'm glad that your hair is healthy, that's something that's been putting me off trying to find a way to add more volume (even though it pains me to see my hawk being limp), because I take really good care of my hair.
      How often do you do this kind of a regime for your hair? And where would one purchase such items?

    3. I prefer bedhead products, but I do use drug store items.
      Smoothing cream by Loreal Ever Sleek (after I wash my hair)
      Pomade by Super Dax (I little goes a long way!)
      Hair spray by Bedhead or Volumax

      I use a teasing brush which is what will give you the volume and messy 80s look that you are interested in. Too much hair spray will give you more crunchy hair rather than the fluffy texture you desire. I use a stiff hair spray after I tease and get my hair in the direction/shape/etc. that I want. If you just use hair spray then it will just be crunchy.

      To tease: use small sections/tease from root up and then smooth with brush to get the shape. Tease up and then pick a side to shape it too, or even tease the hair up and back for something different.

      I do this routine every time I wash my hair 2-3 days depending on how lazy I am...lol! I use my flat iron for touch ups and smoothing product/hair spray to get the hair shape in the morning.


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