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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be My [Bloody] Valentine

Victorian valentine image from google search

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! While I personally do not put a lot of emphasis on February the 14th of every year, I hope you enjoy your day regardless of being single or being "taken". If you're a scornful one who balks at the sight of lovers embraced on this particular eve or you may be sulking as you didn't receive a cheesy stuffed animal with balloons saying, "Be Mine", I have a cure for you! My dear friend Miss Vanity Kills writes about this very subject in her, The Vanity Kills All Purpose Guide To Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself On Valentine's Day. She gives you a lot of ideas on how to enjoy your Valentine's Day while you are single and to not 'rub it in' to others if you do indeed have a suitor. I have to quote my favorite line from her whole article,
Sitting on the pity pot=FAIL!

Oh, I love Miss Vanity Kills snarky humor and advice! Besides, it's Valentine's Day and everything is red and covered in hearts, just wait till everything goes on sale and ransack the retail world! Chocolates 50% off, why thank you very much! Cute little red heart plates, well those will match my kitchen! Lacey bras and panties on sale, don't mind if I do! That's how I look at the upside of over commercialized retail holidays, wait for the sales, sales, SALES!

Regardless of what you may (or not do), don't have a pity party table for one or put too much pressure on one day, enjoy it and have some candy, mmmmmm!

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Love that article by Miss Vanity Kills! Thanks for sharing. :) And you make a great point. Take advantage of the commercialization after the fact rather than contributing to it! I forbid Mr. Kitty to buy me triple-priced flowers on V-day, or expensive gifts. I think people should be spoiled on birthdays and anniversaries, but not capitalist holidays like Valentine's or Christmas. We prefer to celebrate those in more low-key ways!

    1. Vanity Kills is an amazing writer and one of my dearest friends ;) I agree about birthday and anniversaries, I put more emphasis on spending time together on holidays rather than gift giving. Don't get me wrong, I love when my husband brings me a little gift home every now and then and vice versa, but it's the idea that he always thinks of me which is makes my heart a flutter. :)


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