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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Show and Tell : Dungaree Dolly

Let me tell you a little story of one of my dearest friends in the world who is also my favorite handbag designer! No, she's not paying me to say that (even though she showers me with love!), it really is true and I will tell you why. My friend goes by the name Dolly and her handbag company is called Dungaree Dolly, check out her website right here and her etsy store right here. Dolly sews each and every product herself and appeals to a wide variety of tastes, ages and subcultures. She loves the retro 50s styling, yet knows what us cute (and creepy) gals love too. She drafts the bag designs and sews them from start to finish, then adds lovely details like; accent bows, multiple inner pockets, bright and colorful bag liners, and finishes them with her cute bag tags. I pretty much can spot a Dolly Bag from a mile away!

Picture from 2010, holding up some of my favorite Dungaree Dolly originals!
Do you have a friend who carries an awful looking bag? Don't let friends (or yourself) suffer with ugly bag syndrome! While Miss Dolly is not excepting custom orders, she does create some unique items for her etsy shop and can make you a style that she has listed on her main website. You can pick the style, then choose from the fabric that's available (for that style) and she will HAND MAKE you your special bag. How cool is that?

Deluxe Bowling Bag in Movie Monster print.
Available here.
Dolly is a self started business woman with a heart of gold. She believes in supporting other local and independent designers and companies, which is why she's kept her business small and in the good ole' U-S of A. She believes in making a quality product and bringing smiles to all the people across the world. It's amazing what powers a good handbag can do when a lovely designer is standing behind her work.
Miss Dolly and I at her Trunk Show at the retro boutique
Cats Like Us

So, go ahead and treat yourself! Dungaree Dolly really lives up to her slogan, "Rockin' Bags Built to Last!", which is so true! My first Dolly Bag is still going strong after all these years. *Wink*

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Droooooooling. I love the monster bag. I really need to get one of her bags but I don't know if I can choose one.
    Absolutely love your hair in rolls BTW. You always have good hair!

    1. Thank you! Expertimenting with makeup is a relatively new thing for me, I've always been better at hair than makeup ;) I miss my long hair and putting it up in rolls, but having the mohawk is fun too.

      Miss Dolly makes the best bags, ever! You deserve to treat yourself ;)

  2. I'm a HUGE HUGE fan of miss Dolly and her AMAZING bags! And have soooo many! She's not only amazingly talented but as you said she's an absolute sweetheart!

    1. Could not agree with you more my dear! Thanks for reading <3

  3. LOVE these bags! I am thinking I need a messenger bag - but HOW will I choose just ONE fabric????? So many gorgeous options!


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