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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's Cookin?

Striking a pose in a typical everyday outfit. I love my house slippers,
I think the old woman in me is dying to get out.
Today was a day of running errands, cooking and just being my dorky ole' self. I know a lot of people are participating in Bat Fit and I thought I would share what I made for dinner tonight. My hubby is on weight watchers and has really been enjoying the program and says, "It's like a game!". Since I'm the main cook in the house, I like to try to find delicious recipes we can both enjoy.

I made baby pasta shells with asparagus and marinara sauce, yum! yum! yum! The recipe is from Gina at skinnytaste.com and I am in love with her blog. Simple, easy and healthy foods that aren't over complicated, yet are jammed packed full of flavor. Her blog is helping me to step away from exclusively using weight watcher recipes and have some diversity and more choices on what is good to cook. Even though I'm not  on a diet to lose weight, it's nice to support my husband's journey to eat healthy and be happy about what we put into our bodies.

Want to know more about Bat Fit? Check out Le Professeur Gothique's Bat Fit Facebook group and join in  on the fun and support.

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. ooo yum. I'm officially inviting myself over for dinner. ;) I found this Barilla Piccolini pasta made with a full serving of veggies, one's carrots and I think one's zucchini & spinach. They're pretty tasty- ya'll might find it interesting.

    1. Oh yes! We have had Barilla veggie one, I like to make cold pasta salad's out of that one. YUM! :)


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