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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Link Round-Up : Things That Make You Go Hrmmmm?

New boots chains added to my cowboy boots

That's right my deary's, I love cowboy boots! Now I'm not going to be hopping on a horse any time soon (I'm too much of a city slicker), but I love the look of boot chains on boots. I picked up these leather beauties on ebay for $16. Enough about me, here's some fun things that I found on the worldwide web.

+The Lady of the Manner talks about goth styles and labels, I love her point of view. 
+Everything you know about corsets is wrong, they aren't as evil as one may think.
+Has anyone tried this makeup trend? I have to admit, it weirds me out!
+This youtube video helped me figure out how to use all my loose pigments. Great tutorial!
+Trailer for a new documentary due to come out Spring 2012, my heart skipped a beat!
+Disney is selling a Joy Division Mickey Mouse shirt?! WTF?!

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XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! They were well worth every penny :)

  2. That corset article was very enlightening! I have Valerie Steel's book on corsets.

    Can't wait for that documentary too! Those women have a lot more than just style to inspire in us!

    1. I completely agree about the woman in the documentary trailer. I always tell my husband that I will be one of those uniquely styled woman of a 'certain age'

  3. What the hell is wrong with Disney?!?!? This just melted my mind completely. And those lips? Yeah, I agree ... it's freaking me out and not in a good way.

    Nice boots. :)

    1. Disney ruins a lot of things, ugh! Ian Curtis is rolling over in his grave. :P


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