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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fashion Inspirations

I'm 31 and a product of the 80s. I remember a time before surfing the worldwide web, twitter, tumblr and facebook. I remember watching MTV in my upstairs neighbors apartment, staring into the flickering screen while bands like Poison, Adam and the Ants and Boy George assaulted my young tender mind. I remember my head banger neighbor showing me pictures of hair metal bands and trying to figure out if the pretty boys in makeup were indeed men. I remember sitting up on Sunday nights listening to a Toronto (Canada) radio station that broadcast their alternative radio show in which I heard Front 242 and Ministry for the first time. I remember running out to our local dirt mall and picking up a used My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult cassette tape because it had a hot Bettie Page on the cover, then running home to read the liner notes. My point is, I felt inspired by all these experiences, images, sounds and memories, it's pretty much made me the women behind the fashion blog.

I wanted to pay a little tribute to the people who have inspired me in terms of fashion, attitude and BIG HAIR (or lack there of).

Robert Smith of The Cure
I think this one is pretty self explanatory as Mr. Smith is one of my style icons. Not only does his lovely rat's nest make me have hair envy, but his voice makes me swoon like a little gothic school girl. The Cure is my favorite band, as I know some of you may have a special place in your heart for them as well. Oh, Robert *Sigh*

On the left: My 2010 Halloween costume dedicated to Siouxsie 
On the right: Miss Siouxsie Sioux

What can I say about Siouxsie, other than her style never ceased to amaze me. Her iconic eye makeup, crimped and teased hair, and edgy fashion choices make her my post-punk queen. Of course, I love her voice and commanding stage performances. Siouxsie, would you please Kiss Them For Me?

Yes, that is indeed Billy Idol. I know, this picture is HOT! With Billy's sneer, fist pumping and bleached blonde hair, has me doing the Rebel Yell. I freakin' LOVE his videos, his music, and it's nice to see him in some tight leather pants. *Wink* I used to wear my hair very similar to his at points in my life, my own regret is not dressing up as him for Halloween, that would have been so neat!

Miss Annie Lennox is my queen of androgyny. Seeing her wearing tailored mens suits with buzzed hair and leather gloves intrigued me. Her femininity and power were not based on being over sexualized like a lot of her peers during the 80s, and I enjoyed that was a wee girl. I think I have to thank her for making me love a well tailor blazer. 

Who are your style icons? 

I'll leave you with one of my favorite videos:

XOXO-Meagan Kyla


  1. I also remember falling to sleep listening to CFNY as they only played the really good stuff at night. Despite growing up in Jamestown, I somehow managed to get reception. (Note: Chris Sheppard's Friday Night Dance Party is where I first heard Peter Murphy and Mission U.K.-life changing!)

    I adored the 80s and thought "Why would things change? Everything's already PERFECT"!


    1. Hey we're neighbors, yay!
      I do remember Chris Sheppard's Friday Night Dance Party! Oh crazy memories :)


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